Every holder of a MetaStone or Stone Keeper NFT will also be an integral part of  

ULEGEND.AI is an AI driven form of competitive sporting entertainment that gives you a balanced and fair chance to become the GOAT in ultimatly any sport you choose.
ULEGEND.AI is being built for what lies ahead for us all.

The rapidly growing power of AI video content creation means that in the not too distant future 
many forms of realistic broadcast content will be created in real time.

We envisage that in the future you will be able to watch a life-like version of yourself competing in any sport you choose.

ULEGEND.AI is building and planning for this eventuality.  To create an AI driven ecosystem within which you have a chance  of becoming the sporting legend you always wanted to be – possibly even the GOAT.

A parrallel sporting universe where you success is not dependant on your natural 
sporting talents or your skill at a computer game.

Instead your 'Legend' is controlled by the AI and you have the skills of a top athelete.
No two players will be the same, so, as in real life, there is no gaurantee of success but you will have a chance to become a sporting hero.

Even if you don't become the Greatest Of All Time, watching yourself playing sport at the highest level in real time is going to be an amazing experiance.


Who we are is not important what we do is everything....

In all likelihood though we are just like you.

We hate rugs, scams and destroyed promises.

We love Web3 and all the possibilities it holds.
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