Guardians of the DAO

The Stone Keepers are a group whose goal is to ensure the MetaStone DAO is fully realised.

Though each one is totally unique they are all united in a desire to bring balance to the Metaverse.

Each Keeper must find its own 'way'.  It is thought that they came into existence with the belief that 
the Metaverse should never be controlled by a single entity but belong to all.

Logically there must be a StoneKeeper for every Stone but currently there are only 365 in existence -- one for each day of the year.
These are known as the Origins and have been in existence ever since the MetaStones were first discovered.

United in purpose to create and guard the Metastone DAO each Keeper must also find its own 'way'... its own balance.


Who we are is not important what we do is everything....

In all likelihood though we are just like you.

We hate rugs, scams and destroyed promises.

We love Web3 and all the possibilities it holds.
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