The energy of the metaverse to the physical world.


Given the simple nature of a Metastone they can easily be replicated in the physical world. 

From 2D images of your stone on various items to beautiful 3D version of each stone. 

Have your unique Metastone in the physical with you as well as growing and doing good on the blockchain as an NFT.


Pre-revealed stones that harness the power of the Metaverse for the good of the physical world.


☯️ The Stone Market will exist in order to make the selecting of Metastones and Stonekeepers as intuitive for people as possible. With unique functionality, filtering and royalty options the market will also enable the creation of SideStones and run all of the unique 'open' auctions for the Compassion stones.

☯️ If the DAO agrees further NFT collections and artwork will be able to be launched through the Stone Market and take advanatage of the unique functions being built.


Meta_G is the energy of the Metaverse. It was revealed when the Origin StoneKeepers first came across the MetaStones. The Meta_G that was released moved the MetaStones into a unison and the MetaClock came into existence.

How Meta_G can be harnessed in the future is something that the DAO must ponder.

It is believed though that Meta_G is created by all activity in the metaverse and when you look for it coming from any activity, ultimately you can find it.  At this point though the only Meta_G ever discovered was at the creation of the Metaclock.


Every owner of a MetaStone or StoneKeeper will have access to their own locked vault.

The vault will contain different render files of each item enabled for the various chapters of the Metaverse. 

We believe that a metastone can be bonded with nearly any object in the Metaverse.


Who we are is not important what we do is everything....

In all likelihood though we are just like you.

We hate rugs, scams and destroyed promises.

We love Web3 and all the possibilities it holds.
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