☯️  Our mission is to combine the Meta with the physical with as much compassion as we can.  Daoism teaches people to be at one with nature so we do not think that the metaverse should be detached from the physical.  Working in balance with each other we believe that both can equally benefit.  Our desire is for the Metastone project to be ultimately run in its totality by the holders of the NFTs.  Where that leads to only the future knows. 
☯️ The Yin Yang symbol as been a constant part of human culture for over 2,500 years. It has stood the test of time due to its meaning, balance and beauty.  In the Metaverse over time different worlds will come and go and avatars will change as people and technology evolve.  Just as in the physical world, as it has evolved, it will be art and objects that will sustain as a constant.

Metastones are the same.  A 1000 years in the future they will still be part of the Metaverse and the physical world - whatever they look like.

☯️ The metadata that references the unique colour combination of each metastone and StoneKeeper will be recorded directly on the blockchain and be immutable.  This colour combination should be thought of as your 'code' which will always be associated with you as long as you hold the NFT.  The simplicity of this code acting as an identifier opens up a lot of different uses. Think of it kinda as a personal QR code.

☯️ When each Metastone is minted a corresponding .eth address will also be created.  This address will be permanently attached to the NFT.  This means not only will the owner have a unique visual code that can be used in multiple ways but they will also have all of the functionality of a .eth address directly associated with it. (what is a .eth adress? - search https://ens.domains )
☯️  At the moment it is more controllable, fun, secure and interesting to stay anonymous but when the DAO is fully realised, and it wants us to, we will dox ourselves.  At that point we will be just be part of the DAO like you.

The Daodejing was meant as a handbook for the ruler: 

“He should be a sage whose actions pass so unnoticed that his very existence remains unknown.”
Laozi - the first philosopher of Chinese Daoism and the alleged author of the Daodejing

If you are worried that this may be a rug pull then you can always wait and join us further down the road when it feels safer.  The sad thing is that even people you know or believe are open can end up letting you down.
☯️  We do have a roadmap but understand that predicting the future is pretty difficult.   Currently we are launching the Origin StoneKeepers. Then we will reveal the marketplace for the Metastones (Stone Market) and they will then be released.  Then the DAO will be created.  Then the Metaclock will be revealed.  Then we will work with DAO and the various ideas we have to decide the next phase.  The journey will never end but the ultimate route taken will be decided by the DAO.
☯️    Connect with other NFT holders in the MetaSoup Kitchen and participate in the DAO when it is created.

☯️    Store/stake StoneKeepers and Metastones in the Stone Market(WT) and receive Meta_G in return.

☯️   A Metastone is capable of creating more stones (NFTs) around the date it is bound too.  These stones have a central part that shows the original stones unique colours, Yin-Yang, in the centre with it's DAO symbols in a circle around it.  Outside of this on the stone can be any artwork the stone holder chooses. Each new NFT will have a different colour combination in the DAO symbols making each one totally unique and recognisable by the MetaStone App.  This creates limitless possibilities for further unique Side Stone releases.  What happens with the proceeds from these Side stones is totally up to the original MetasStone holder (there may be creation and marketplace charges - TBC).  If the holder desires he can allocate 50% of all received revenue to the Metastone DAO and then these new stones will become part of the DAO (TBC by the DAO).  These new side stones opens up a whole world of possibilities; rewards, ID's, passes, personal tokenisation etc.  As an example of the possibilities their first use will be around the release of the Compassion stones.  Normally when an item is auctioned it simply goes to the highest bidder and all the other bids placed are not realised.  When bidding for a Compassion stone the bidder will have the option to leave their bid 'open' even if they fail to bid the most.  If they leave it 'open' then they will donate that amount of money to charity and receive a side stone in return.  With the most rare side stones going to the highest bidders.  This enables a charity auction to raise far larger funds as the total raised is not just reliant on the value of the final bid. The power of the Metaverse to the physical world. ☯️

☯️   Use your Metastone as a Metaverse teleportation device.  You will be able to set co-ordinates using your NFT so that when your stone is viewed by somebody they can use it to teleport to any of the locations you have set.  Kinda like a visual  Linkt.ree.

☯️  The Metastone App.  A downloadable mobile application that will have various functions.  One of the functions will be its ability to recognise each individual Metastone and then reveal the links the user has created for the stone (as per above). Kinda like a QR code. So owners of Metastones can leave an image of their stone in various real life places and others who have the app can see what links / information they have created.

☯️ When each Metastone is minted a corresponding .eth address will also be created. This address will be permanently attached to the NFT. This means not only will the owner have a unique visual code that can be used in multiple ways but they will also have all of the functionality of a .eth address directly associated with it. (what is a .eth adress? - search https://ens.domains )

☯️   Physical stones.  Given the simple nature of a Metastone they can easily be replicated in the physical world.  From just flat 2D images of a stone on various items to various 3D version of each stone.  Have your Metastone, that relates to an important date to you, sitting around you  as well as existing, growing and doing good on the blockchain as an NFT.

☯️  Further utility will be decided upon by the DAO.  We believe that there are a lot of further utilities that can be added over time.

☯️  The Origin StoneKeepers are central to the future of the Metastones project and as such will be rewarded in many ways for their commitment. We envisage these rewards to continue for at least the next 75 years while the Metaclock is ticking.  They are kinda like the VC's or the directors of the project.


All Origin StoneKeepers will have access to a unique ‘round table’ in the Metasoup kitchen. Here they will be able to connect with other keepers and  work together, if they so choose, to help maximise the potential of the Metastones, to help guide and grow the wider community, to bring about the creation of the Metastone Dao and to ensure that the community and wider world benefit from the power of the Metastones and what they can create.


A Metastone will appear in each of the Origin StoneKeepers two hands when the stones are revealed. What the StoneKeeper decides to do with them is up to them. They can be stored, gifted, expanded, sold or bound with.

☯️  META_G:

100% of the initial proceeds from the sale of the Metastones will be converted into Meta_G - the energy of the Metaverse until the amount of ETH generated equals the same amount that was committed by the Origin StoneKeepers when they were created.  Beyond that point a further 10% of the proceeds from the Metastones mint will also be turned into Meta_G.

This Meta_G, the first to ever exist, will then be awarded to the Origin Keepers upon the creation of the Metastone Dao.

The allocation of this Meta_G between the Keepers will be governed by the ratio of the commitment made upon becoming a StoneKeeper. This process will be fair and totally transparent.

What they decide to do with their Meta_G is up to them. They can use part of it to bind with a stone and begin the Metamorph process, they can store it for future use (stored meta_g expands over time) or if they so choose they can redeem it for ETH.


A StoneKeeper can be bound with a specific Metastone.  When this happens the StoneKeeper can be Metamorphed.  This process will transform the Keeper in fantastical ways.

☯️  TIME:

As the Metaclock continues to turn and further things are created and the Stone Market expands more Meta_G will  appear in the Origin StoneKeepers hands.

☯️  We are creating the Stone Market in order to make the selecting of stones as intuitive for people as possible.  Items will be listed on current NFT marketplaces but as they do not offer the perfect  filtering options and functionality that are needed we will also build our own.  Due to their simple nature and association with specific moments in time the Metastones have a broad appeal outside of the  current NFT market and are a way of bringing more people into the NFT world.  For this reason the Stone Market will enable people to purchase Metastones easily using Fiat as well as crypto.

☯️  We envisage that further NFT collections and artwork will be able to be launched through the Stone Market and take advantage of the unique functions being built.

☯️  The full structure and protections of the DAO will be laid out when it is fully created. The first rule though will be that each decision taken is made in the belief that it is to the benefit of all of the DAO not just part of it. This rule is to prevent hijacking of the DAO to an individual or groups unbalanced wishes.
☯️  When the sales process begins for the Stonekeepers you will be able to choose a keeper based on a specific date that is relevant, or not, to you. There are 365 StoneKeepers one for each day of the year.

After purchase there will be a pre-reveal state for 36hrs. During this time you will not know what your keeper looks like or how rare it is.

After 36hrs the Stonekeeper that matches your date will be fully revealed.

A similar process will happen with the minting of the Metastones when that time comes.
☯️ The Stonekeepers will be sold using the dutch auction method. We believe this is the fairest way of conducting the auction and dealing with gas fees. The auction price will start at 5ETH and drop every 10mins by 0.1 ETH. The end price of the auction will be 0.2 ETH.

The auction will last 8 hours.

☯️ 100% of the initial proceeds generated from the Metastone mint will be turned into Meta_G and rewarded back in equal amount to how much each StoneKeeper was originally minted for. Beyond that point 10% of all proceeds of the MetaStone mint will also be awarded to the Origin StoneKeepers.

☯️ The 10% reward will be divided between the StoneKeepers based on each ones percentage of the overall value generated during the minting process. IE if someone minted a keeper for an amount that was say 15% of the total amount generated then they would receive 15% of the Meta_G created.
☯️ There are two stages to this. The proceeds from the sale of the Origin StoneKeepers will be used to build out more functionality and to create and promote the Metastones mint and the wider project.

The revenue generated from the sale of the Metastones will be used as follows:

☯️ 100% of the initial proceeds generated from the Metastone mint will be turned into Meta_G and rewarded back in equal amount to how much each StoneKeeper was originally minted for. Beyond that point 10% of all proceeds of the MetaStone mint will also be awarded to the Origin StoneKeepers.

☯️ The remaining proceeds will be equally split between the MetaStone DAO and the Metastone team.

☯️. The 50% locked in the DAO will be used as the DAO determines.

☯️ The 50% held by the team will be used to expand and reward the Metastone team and to add further functionality for the project.  As time goes on and new stones are released each day the percentage the team receives from each mint will be reduced.  We aim to get this as small a % as we can to enable the DAO to grow as much as possible.

☯️ We plan on being as transparent as possible in this regard. Transparency builds trust and trust builds communities.


Who we are is not important what we do is everything....

In all likelihood though we are just like you.

We hate rugs, scams and destroyed promises.

We love Web3 and all the possibilities it holds.
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