Compassion is one of the Three Treasures of Daoism.

Compassion Stones exist to bring help to things in need.  

The first set of Compassion Stones, also known as Conflict stones,  are all relevant to 
countries of the world that are suffering due to armed conflict. 

100% of the proceeds from the auction of each Stone will be given to 
charities that are working in those countries.

Each stone will also have a minimum 10% royalty also paid in its entirety to charity 
whenever a Stone is sold again. 
Unlike all of the other Metastones that will be revealed after the minting process, 
Conflict stones are pre-revealed so people can see exactly what each stone looks like 
before they contribute to it.

The auction of these stones will also be the first to include Side-Stones,  
allowing people to leave bids 'open' so even if they do not have the highest bid and 
acquire the Metastone they will instead receive a totally unique side-stone based 
on the same date and colour combination for their donation.


24th August, 2021
(Inderpendence day - 20th anniversary)
Colour: 38.1%
Force: 10%
Matter: TBC
Time: 0.005%


4th January, 1998
(Inderpendence day - 50th anniversary)
Colour: 38.1%
Force: 10%
Matter: TBC
Time: 0.005%


19th August, 2019
(Inderpendence day - 100th Anniversary)
Colour: 38.1%
Force: 20%
Matter: TBC
Time: 0.005%


22nd May, 2029
(Unity day of Yemen - 10th Anniversary)
Colour: 38.1%
Force: 4% (Force Stone - Fire Stone)
Matter: TBC
Time: 0.005%
As the Metaclock ticks forward in time sadly more Compassion stones will appear. 
These will include but not be limited too; Climate Stones, Hunger Stones, Wildlife Stones, 
Poverty Stones, Wilderness Stones (Mountain, Lake, Fire stones etc).

All of these stones bringing the energy of the Metaverse to the benefit of the physical world.


Who we are is not important what we do is everything....

In all likelihood though we are just like you.

We hate rugs, scams and destroyed promises.

We love Web3 and all the possibilities it holds.
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